Walnut Parmesan

The Parmesan-like sprinkles in the Nutballs photo is a delicious walnut Parmesan replacement made from just 4 ingredients – walnuts, nutritional yeast, salt, olive oil. I can eat it by the handful it is so satisfying and tasty. Great on pasta or salad or anywhere you would use Parmesan.

Walnut Parmesan

  • Servings: 6
  • Difficulty: very easy
  • Print

Tbsp = Tablespoon 15ml,  tsp = teaspoon 5ml,  cup = 250ml



  1. Place everything in a food processor.
  2. Pulse until you get a good texture – not too fine, but like medium/coarse breadcrumbs.
  3. Taste to check salt level.
  4. Keeps well in fridge in airtight container.
  5. Serve on pasta, salad, literally anything – or just by itself 🙂

*Note: the better quality your walnuts the yummier this will be. The more freshly walnuts are used after shelling the better. If you are able to purchase walnuts still in the shell I recommend this as they keep very well like this, and it is a simple matter to shell a few as needed. Just use a normal bread & butter knife to separate the shell where it joins and pop the two walnut halves out. So creamy and sweet and delicious straight out of their shells, no bitterness at all.

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  1. Jenni says:

    what is the purpose of the yeast ..can it be omitted?


    1. The yeast is what transforms the walnuts into something savory and delish. Definitely wouldn’t omit – you can get different brands of nutritional yeast from health food stores. We use the Bragg brand.


  2. Gina Taggart says:

    I used the Braggs All Purpose Seasoning (which is like soy sauce) instead of the yeast. It is extremely yummy, altho yeast flakes of some sort, would probably be even better. My ‘parmesan’ was wetter in the food processor, but no problem really. I have spread it on a pizza base with tomato paste, tomatoes, red onion, garlic and oregano. I am eating it as I write, and it is extremely good! Well done guys! Gina Taggart

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