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Broccoli, Cauliflower & Tofu Salad

This crisp and satisfying salad has been a hit at our food trailer today – sold out in one hour. The combination of crunchy (briefly blanched) broccoli and cauliflower, with tasty roast tofu cubes and crunchy toasted nuts dressed with a creamy cashew, lemon and ginger dressing is very delicious. It also fills you up, and the protein in the nuts and tofu keeps you going…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading


Sometimes there’s no bread in the house. Or you are tired of bread. Or you want to avoid yeast. What can you supply? Introducing: Gems! These are little biscuits made with very few ingredients, and delicious when fresh out of the oven. They are yeast free, can be gluten free, and quite versatile.
This recipe is made from rice, but gems are also nice using a mixture of buckwheat and millet – they can also be made with oat, wheat, barley or kamut flour.

It can be tricky to get the concept at first – gems are not thick and raised like a bread roll, nor are they thin like a cracker. Gems (or Fladen to Germans, oatcakes to Scots) are about 1 cm high. Baked through, they are solid, slightly moist in the middle and golden brown on the outside.

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