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  1. Hi there Robert,
    That is wonderful count me in for the 28th I will be there. Hope you get a good response
    Fiona Crawford

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  2. Sandra powell says:

    Yes please. My almost 9 year old loved a pizza of yours she had. Could I bring her too?

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    1. Hi Sandra. Yes bring your 9 year old too, they love making pizza.


  3. Diane Brown says:

    Hi, Karolyn and Diane from Matariki Kindergarten will be there. Can you invoice it for us.



    1. Hi Guys. Yes no problem, will email an invoice to you. Look forward to sharing a fun afternoons baking with you.


  4. Yes loved to be there for both the cooking class and shared meal for the 2nd August at Freyberg school, so see you then


  5. Claire Griffin says:

    Yes please Robert I would like to come too.


    1. Hi Claire. I have registered you in for Sunday the 2nd. Look forward to cooking together.


  6. Stewart Dixon, Levin. says:

    Hi Robert. Please book me for the cooking class, and my wife Carol and I for the shared meal. Looking forward to it. Stewart.


    1. Hi Stewart. I have booked you in. Looking forward to a fun afternoon.


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