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Chickpea Patties

Here it is! The long awaited chickpea patties recipe.

These patties are tasty, nutritious and contain protein and fibre from the chickpeas. There are three parts to preparing the mixture:

  1. Cooking the chickpeas (or you can open a can)
  2. Cooking the brown rice
  3. Preparing the rest of the ingredients.


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Millet Stack Burger & Fries

This burger with fries has no bun, and no deep fryer, it’s a millet stack. After a bit of experimentation with our original millet burger recipe, and a few taste trials, we came up with this fusion of flavours. A great way to enjoy a grain that is easy to digest and naturally gluten free. (And I really love it with the kumera and carrot fries, although they’re really “bakes” not “fries.”)


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Such a great go-to food. Satisfying, economical and so healthful. If you cook your own chickpeas from scratch it becomes super economical, just store the extra cooked chickpeas in the freezer for next time!

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